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Past Participles Used As Adjectives

Many past participles can be used as adjectives.  Some past participles commonly used as adjectives are bored, excited,  shattered, broken, torn, surprised, disoriented, intoxicated, drunk, written, classified.

bored is formed from the verb bore 
The children feel very bored when they have no new games to play.

excited is formed from the verb excite
Sheila was very excited when her parents told her they would bring her with them on their vacation trip to Japan. 

shattered is formed from the verb shatter
The housekeeper was extremely alarmed when she saw the shattered glass on the floor.

broken is formed from the verb break
Tommy knew his parents would get furious when they saw the broken porcelain vase. 

torn is formed from the verb tear
The beggar I saw this morning wore torn clothes.

surprised is formed from the verb surprise
Sharon was very surprised to see a 3-tier birthday cake on the dining table.

disoriented is formed from the verb disorient
The new students were disoriented and could not find their way back to the classroom.

intoxicated is formed from the verb intoxicate
Some people tend to drink and get themselves intoxicated, so they can forget their sorrow.

drunk is formed from the verb drink  (drunk is the same in meaning as intoxicated)
People who are drunk should not drive. 

written is formed from the verb write
The level one students must be given written explanation as verbal explanation is too brief for them.

classified is formed from the verb classify
If you would like to look for a job or rent a house, read the classified pages of the newspaper.

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