Cardinal numbers in words

Cardinal numbers are numbers like 21, 22,23,24,25,etc.
When they are written in words, they should be hyphenated. If the hyphen is omitted, the numbers will convey a different meaning.
For example: 23 written in words should be twenty-three. It is important to include the hyphen (-). Without the hyphen (-), it means twenty three, which is actually sixty! It's just like when you say your mathematical tables.
two five is ten/two four is eight/five six is thirty. Therefore, isn't twenty three sixty?!

Here's a list of cardinal numbers in figures and words.
3943 - three thousand nine hundred and forty-three
456 - four hundred and fifty-six
7891 - seven thousand eight hundred and ninety-one
60019 - sixty thousand and nineteen
18227 - eighteen thousand two hundred and twenty-seven

Click on "Ordinal Numbers" for "Writing Ordinal Numbers".

By Susan L
On 1/28/2010 03:38:00 AM
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