"So That" Sentences

"so that" sentences show the reason why something is done. The "so that" clause in the sentence is actually known as an adverbial clause of reason. How do you use "so that" in your English sentences?

Pay attention to the "so that" clauses in bold print as you read these example sentences.

Every evening Sharon does her revision thoroughly so that she can pass all her tests.
If someone asks "Why does Sharon do her revision thoroughly every evening?", you can take the above example sentence as the answer. Therefore, "so that she can pass all her tests" is known as an adverbial clause of reason.

Mrs Harley bought lots of cookies and biscuits yesterday so that she wouldn't have to keep buying them for at least two weeks.

Mrs Harley keeps all the cookies and biscuits in air-tight containers so that they can stay fresh and crisp longer.

Our maid always remembers to take in all the clothes before she goes shopping so that they won't get soaked through if it rains.

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By Susan L
On 2/02/2010 06:11:00 AM
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Wednesday, February 03, 2010 1:33:00 AM

I am working on my assignment like crazy so that I can finish it before CNY... ~ by Josh Tam

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